What His Driving Tells You About His Ejaculation Dysfunction

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Cars, electronics, machinery and many other items usually come with a “how-to-use” manual. Even more, tests/test drives are permitted for most of these items.

ed reverser bookThe human body is not so, this i learnt from ed reverser book. The absence of such manuals leaves it up to you and your instincts to figure your man out. Viewing things from a different perspective can be very helpful, so here is how you can learn about his ejaculation dysfunction from his driving.

So you can flow along, ejaculation dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection. In the first place, if he can not start the ignition or has problems doing so, he’s not going anywhere. So watch it, if he can not wake his car, not that definitely it’s a sign, but you should worry that he too can not wake himself from the cold.

After starting the car, next is to engage the gears and get moving. This is supposed to be smooth and seamless, otherwise the car jerks, timing plays an important role here too. If he shows difficulties with this, then you  too should be worried. This i think is one of the parables in the Rock hard protocol pdf download!

If there is any distinguishing factor between drivers, it’s control. He can only be in control when he knows how to operate his “tool” and the experience is only enjoyable when there is control. Reckless swerves, steering too much to a direction and an air of tension are clues which give a lack of control away and with these, there’s surely not going to be a smooth ride.

It’s normal for every driver to have a flat tyre once in a while so this is it, you are going nowhere with a flat Tyre. Replacing quickly with the spare tyre would be the solution. To rephrase this, if he’s getting pumped up quickly, that’s a good sign. You probably won’t get bored while waiting for him.

Finally, observe his confidence. A wise man once said it’s a stain no one can wipe off. His confidence can be seen from his driving technique, how comfortable he feels in any lane, anticipation of manouveres from other drivers and his speed ranges. Be sure to notice any unease.

And remember, one wrong move from him could mess everything up. Be sensitive.