Understand Your Man By Learning How He Takes Care Of His Car

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Are you a student of your man? Engulfed in the learning process, continually seeking to understand him better? You kow quite well that no relationship can last without understanding and you’re among the 6 out of 10 women who won’t go asking direct questions to study their man? Then here is how you understand him better by learning how he takes care of his car.Understand Your Man By Learning How He Takes Care Of His  Car

Cars are among the most treasured and cherished possessions for men. It’s common place to see some even refer to their cars with such affectionate names as baby and sweetheart. Taking care of a car demands quite a lot,, honestly. Regular maintenance, checks and careful handling.

If your man is one who invests readily to keep his car in top shape, carrying out regular checks and repairs the cost notwithstanding, it’s very likely he’s only extending his inner self. He’s more likely to be the caring, self-conscious type who would want to keep healthy always.

You can not give what you don’t have is a common saying. There’s no cleanliness outside if there’s none within. The physical condition of your man’s car gives a lot of clues about him. The neat, smooth gentle lover and the rough unkempt fellow surely will imprint their qualities on their cars. Since the state of a car to an extent reflects  the nature of its owner, you can therefore draw useful lessons.

The reason why some men call their cars but affectionate names and show off at every instance is probably because they have a strong sense of attachment to it. Men like this are probably deep lovers, have a strong emotional touch, pride and commitment to their endeavors and relationships.

Understand Your Man By Learning How He Takes Care Of His  CarSocial aspects of your man as well can be detected from how he handles his car. The terms liberal and conservative can be applied to ownership of cars. While some do give out their cars, give lifts to random people, a good number of others prefer “riding solo”. The two behaviors can help you understand  how sociable your man is and what he expects you to act as well. He’s not that complicated relationship guide I got to know also helps with this.

Quick senses and careful observations  are key to understand physical, social and even emotional aspects of your man from how he handles his car, helping you gain a better knowledge of him.