How Owning A Car Can Help Relief You Mental Impotence

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If you are a man, then you are surely going to experience mental impotence in your life. There’s no running from it.

Several studies have revealed about 10-20% of men suffer from mental impotence, and further state that it couldHow Owning A Car Can Help Relief You Mental Impotence definitely happen to anyone in their lifetime at least once. The regular inability to achieve or maintain an erection due to psychological rather than physical causes is what mental impotence entails. So how does owning a good car relief you of this?

Mental impotence has been well researched and documented to be as a result of stress, performance anxiety, depression, mood disorder PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) among some other factors. All these act on the brain which plays an integral part in the process of creating or preventing an erection depending on which signals it receives: negative or positive.

The above named causes of mental impotence are real issues for most men. There are stages in a man’s life where he starts worrying very much about what he has accomplished or has not. Dwelling on these cause mood disorders, anxiety, stress, all of which could lead to mental impotence. It is very important at this point to have some so-called landmarks to look back at and overcome the present tension. This is where owning a good car comes handy. Many attach a sense of accomplishment and belonging to owning a car. You are not a total failure if you have a car they say. This momentarily can help you feel better and overcome mental impotence.How Owning A Car Can Help Relief You Mental Impotence

Looking from another angle, the functioning of a car can be likened to the very act of getting and maintaining an erection. Turning on the ignition, getting yourself pumped up, building confidence when in the driving seat, maintaining control and going all the way. Some of the performance anxieties that lead to mental impotence include such worries as if your partner can climax, if you’re too small, how long you can go. Owning a good car can help you relate more to this process and could help you overcome your problem. overcoming performance anxiety  should make you understand this better.

In the end, as a man you need to be in the driver’s seat always, wake yourself from the cold and be strong for your partner. Getting a good car might not be the conventional solution but then, thinking outside the box is not a crime.